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Pregnancy Related Pain


When a woman undergoes a pregnancy, her body endures tremendous changes both externally and internally. The new distribution of body weight creates back, buttocks, groin and leg pain as well as structural concerns such as loosened ligaments due to the hormone Relaxin. When the body is pulled forward, a great deal of stress is placed on the muscles of the lower back which leads to additional stress on the discs and joints of the spine.

Why is my back aching all the time these days?
There are few things in life that put more stress on your spine than pregnancy. Your spine must adapt to posture and weight changes with each passing month and commonly the uncomfortable result is lower back pain. Many women have come to accept that back pain accompanies pregnancy, but it shouldn’t have to. Your body was made to compensate and adapt naturally to pregnancy and if you are experiencing aches and pains, something else is wrong and needs to be addressed. Not just for you, but for your developing and growing child as well.

What can a Chiropractor do?
A Chiropractor is specially trained to locate and correct the problems that are causing your back pain. As well, many women find that labour is shorter and more comfortable after having received Chiropractic care during pregnancy.

I want to go to a Chiropractor but I’m afraid I won’t be comfortable during treatments.
Your Chiropractor has special techniques and equipment that will make you comfortable no matter what your stage of pregnancy. You’ll be relaxed and best of all, you’ll say good bye to that aching back.

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